this week's beans

This week's beans are some pink/red bean from rancho gordo (Rosa de Castilla), carrot juice (about 4-5 lbs juiced carrots), juiced swiss chard, onion, shiitake mushrooms, rutabaga, and turnips. I cooked the rutabaga and turnips in a separate pan, blended them up, and added them to the soup. Note: it doesn't really matter what veggies you add if any, except the carrot juice which I really like. I thought this would have a bit of a bite with the turnips and rutabaga (not exactly sweet veggies!), but it was really good as usual. I'm not sure you can ruin this dish. The rancho gordo beans hold their shape and are really creamy. I divided the beans into 7 serving dishes and froze most of them for the rest of the week. Each serving has 307 calories, 19 g protein (21%), 59 g carbs (77%) and less than 1 g fat (2%).