today's breakfast

It's taken me a while but I finally got tired of my orange blended salad for breakfast. Maybe it's because we had our first batch of local spinach at the co-op yesterday, and strawberries from California were still on special. And I generally prefer to chew my food and taste the flavor of the fruit separate from the greens. However, it did take longer to prepare and eat, and cut into my work day as a result! Here's what went into it:

5.5 oz fresh spinach, chopped
16 oz box strawberries, sliced
1 banana, sliced
1/2 cup edamame (frozen, thawed in microwave for 45 sec)
1 Tbsp flaxseed, ground (I use a coffee grinder)

Total calories was 446; protein 18 g (13%); carbs 81 g (66%); fat 10 g (20%); a hearty breakfast for me!