Getting the garden ready

We got a lot of early spring crops in our garden that just grew back with the weeds: spinach, dill, mustard greens, kale, chives and mint. But it's time to plant, so I harvested a bunch of them, then Marilyn weeded the garden, and I tilled it:

Now we are ready for planting, yea!

Lest I give the impression I do a lot of yard work, I will admit this is one of the few tasks I do in the yard. I also turn over the compost and spread it in the garden twice a year (did that yesterday). And I harvest the produce. This tiller is a great piece of equipment, even though it uses gasoline and pollutes. It makes life so much easier and does a much better job than we can do with a pitchfork. Our garden has grown to 24' x 14'. It's great!