spring food

The produce at the co-op has changed with the spring season and it is wonderful. The fresh strawberries from California have been cheap and delicious. They really taste better this time of year. This is one fruit you should buy organic (see this post from diseaseproof.com). I've been buying these as often as I can get to the store, because the season (when it's really good) is temporary. I've been eating them with blackberries which have also been good.

I've also been enjoying sugar snap peas, and local spinach and lettuce greens and arugula. We had local asparugus but that is gone again. But the California asparagus is good right now. Sadly, the local carrots disappeared from the store a few days ago. We get them about 9 months of the year, so that's good. I bought some California carrots and they tasted like chlorine even though they are organic. Yuck. So I think I'm done with eating raw carrots for a while. Maybe I'll juice them and add them to beans. We've also had morel mushrooms for a couple of weeks. Those were great! I'm still trying to adjust my tastes to like shitake mushrooms because Dr. Fuhrman says they are way more nutritious than the white button, cremini and portabella. So I welcomed the morel mushrooms. I just got some fresh California zucchini today--I'll see how that tastes this week. The bok choy, kale, and collard greens are usually wilted by the time we get them here in Wisconsin. But today's baby bok choy looked good so I bought several. I can't wait to get kale and collards from our garden, or locally--those are much better. It's fun watching the California, Florida, and local produce start to come in with the spring/summer season. You can tell when it's fresh and abundant because they are cheaper and often on special. I used to think that meant there was something wrong with them, but I had it all wrong--that's when they are best.