This week's updates

I'm not spending as much time in the kitchen as I have a new obsession: road and mountain biking. This week, some days were mostly raw, with micro-salad for brekky and lunch, and cabbage salad for lunch and dinner, along with fruit and seeds in various forms (frozen, or fresh strawberries) for extra treats. Other days I had micro-salad for breakfast and lunch, and cooked veggies for lunch and dinner.

There were several good posts on Dr. Fuhrman's Disease proof blog the last few weeks. For example, a quick overview of what foods to eat (health-promoting) and what to avoid (disease-promoting); junk food desensitizes the brain; refined carbs increase heart disease risk; and several good posts by Emily Boller with success strategies and interviews. Also, there's a great radio interview with Dr. Fuhrman here.