no-coffee no-cream yummy "latte"

Okay, anyone want to come up with a name for this? It's really good. You do need a high-speed blender, sorry. Okay, it's not so good that you will be missing it if you can't make it. It's just an occasional psychological-mostly treat.

few tsp Chicory root (ground)
1 Tbsp hemp seeds
1 date, pitted (optional)

I get my chicory root from the herbal section at my co-op. any of those coffee-substitude drinks would probably work too. Teeccino makes one.

I steep the chicory root for a minute or less, just like tea. Here's the chicory root and the tea bags I use:

Here it is after steeping. I'm not sure how long 30 sec, 1 minute. It gets strong fast.

Next, remove the tea bag, put everything in the blender and blend on high, for 30-60 seconds. This makes a smooth drink with a nice froth, just like a latte or espresso. I usually don't have dates, but I tried one today and it was good. It tastes good either way.