summer meals

We have this every day from about July 4 - Sept. 4. We get it fresh picked from a local farm, and they are nice enough to locate their stand a few blocks from our house.

I am sorry to have to tell you that there is nothing better than Wisconsin sweet corn. I'm sorry you don't get to experience it. We don't eat much else at this meal since the corn is filling and we require two ears to satisfy our desires. We might have some cooked veggies with it. Notice the avocado at upper right in the picture. That is a mashed avocado, nothing else. It is our "butter", only better. Our SAD (Standard American Diet) guests agree. The tomato is fresh picked from the garden. I also make a rockin' collards dish from the garden too. I'll post that soon. And oh my god, the eggplant from our garden is fabulous. It's our first time for eggplant. When you pick it fairly small, it is almost sweet. There is no bitter taste! Yes, we are enjoying our summer produce!