my new schedule

As I said in this post, I've started a new job outside the home, and that combined with my morning exercise class and evening activities, keeps me away from home from 6:50 am until 9:30 pm pretty much every weekday. Occasionally I get home at 8-9 pm. I really wish I could get home by 9 pm on a regular basis, because I need about an hour to prep my food for the next day. I do some food prep on the weekend: I make a big batch of beans & greens & mushrooms & onions, freezing into 1-serving portions. I also make a week's worth of smoothies for house mate, and even smaller portions of beans, greens, and potatoes to freeze for some of her meals. Then each weeknight I just have to make salads for the next day, split into three meals (sometimes a big one alone, or a small one with the beans dish). These are simple and good. Some versions are 1) lettuce, berries, edamame (or not), seeds, d'angou pear vinegar; 2) lettuce and/or kale, apples or pears, fresh picked cherry tomatoes, seeds, d'angou pear vinegar; 3) cabbage, lettuce, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, pears, lime, seeds. chopped in food processor; or any other version of lettuce, fruit, seeds, raw veggies. I often throw carrot sticks and kohlrabi on top of the salad because I love them. I don't chop them because I love their individual flavors.

This works well, but sometimes when I'm out with friends and they are just getting started having fun, I say I have to go because I have to get home and spend an hour fixing tomorrow's meals. So I miss out a bit on some social stuff. Oh well. I think I can get them to adjust and realize we have to get the music jams going earlier since I leave early. :)