this week's beans

This week I went back to my old easy way of preparing beans.

2 lbs beans (from my Rancho Gordo selections)
juice from 7 lbs carrots (about 45 oz) (5 lbs is fine, I just had extra)
1 lb mushrooms (oyster, crimini, shitake)
1 lb leeks or onions
1 sweet potato
1 lb collards or kale (optional).

chop the mushrooms and onions and sweet potato in a food processor (or with a knife). Combine everything in a large stock pot. Soak overnight in fridge. Cook the next day for about 4 hours. Add some chopped greens to the pot if you'd like, at the beginning or within an hour of finishing cooking.

Update on the beans after cooking: the mushrooms definitely add a meaty flavor, which is actually a nice touch in winter--feels more hearty. It's good as is, or with some frozen sweet corn added to it (then warmed of course!), or combined with steamed veggies.