my trip

I'm heading off to France today. I'm expecting it to take 30 hours to get from my house to my hotel. I hope it's not longer than that! I packed up 5 big servings of my "microsalad" and 5 little bags of sliced carrots. Am I a crazy nutritarian or what?! Here they are packed in my bag along with a frozen thingie to help keep them cool, a spoon and 5 napkins:

It's the green bag on the left:

Here I am at the bus stop:

I had a little trouble getting the food through security, but after careful examination of it and myself, they let me through.

I'll keep you posted about what a crazy nutritarian does in Besancon, France for food. Keep in mind that other nutritarians aren't as crazy as me. I gave up trying to eat healthy at restaurants but others are more successful.