post-surgery food

note: I will be typing with one non-dominant hand for several weeks (months?). so I'll be terse--could be a good thing eh?

Here's what I took for my 2-day stay at the hospital:

way too much food! All I ate on day 1 were the 3 clementines. day 2 was the bean soup and some carrots and an apple. I ate the rest on days 2-4.

I don't remember when I had this but it was too much food:

it's now day 6. I had some yummy veggie soup brought over by a friend, my bean soups from the freezer, yummy collard green's in sweet potato sauce (forgetting that this version tastes better), housemate smoothies in the morning--we're sharing a batch (serves 2). It is better fresh than freezing and thawing. raw carrots and cabbage and romaine. a wonderful meal from friends last night: black bean soup, salad w/ sunflower seeds, chickpeas and balsamic dressing (and some oil), a wonderful quinoa salad with potatoes and sweet corn from their garden (frozen). that was lunch today too.

I'm planning a super nutritious dinner with greens, mushrooms and onions in a creamy sauce. If it's good I'll post it. oh and in case you are wondering how am I preparing food, I'm supervising housemate. She is way out of her element--as I would be mowing the lawn--but is doing an excellent job. My parents will stop in for a few days to help out. And my friends have been wonderful. I'm very blessed!

Here I am in dress rehearsal for the big game. was advised to get a cheesehead and face paint. may just do it for fun.

And in case you are wondering, surgery went well. coming out of it is somewhat horrible. well, the whole experience is kind of horrible even though I got excellent, kind treatment by everyone I encountered. I was a druggy for a few days: antibiotics--gotta do it; pain killers--yucky detox when I stopped that; and no matter what you eat, pain killers put your bowels to sleep so you have to take stuff for that too. I got edema in my surgery hand. I guess it's normal, but it's freaky. I'm glad to see that going away. now I'm in the long process of rehab. I hope that all goes spendidly too. I hope none of those 1% chance complications occur. I never want to be a surgery patient again. knock on wood.