tomorrow's salad

Let's see if I can remember what went into this:

1 head lettuce
1/2 small head cabbage
1 stalk broccoli
1/3 cauliflower
1/2 cucumber
1 celery stalk
some spinach and arugula, maybe 1 cup packed each?
2 apples, cored

1 cup frozen corn
juice of 1 small orange and 1 small lime
2 Tbsp seed mixture (soaks up the juice)

Chop everything (except the last 3) in food processor and combine in a big bowl. Add the last three ingredients. The lime adds a nice zing. I wonder if cumin would be good in this. Or cinnamon...or pumpkin pie spice. It seemed good as it was so I didn't want to mess with it. Update: I did try pumpkin pie spice the next day and didn't like it so much--doesn't go well with the lime. Fortunately it didn't ruin it, but I don't recommend it.