Radical eating

If you read my most recent post, you might think I'm crazy.  I prefer to use the term radical.  Yep, I'm radical.  It's radical to bypass the health care system and become financially independent by simply not having debts or high health care costs.  I don't need to save for retirement because I don't want to retire.  If my health doesn't suffer, I will have energy and enthusiasm to work, in a job of my choosing, even minimum wage, until the day I die, hopefully well into my nineties.  I described in this post how changing your diet has more impact on changing the world than anything else you can do.

If you are new to this blog and wondering why I say what you eat determines your health, please see the "highlighted posts" at the right side of the page; in particular, the FAQs, and how my health has improved.  Some of the others describe how to do it (e.g., here, and here and here and here), but you should adopt the eating to your lifestyle, as did I.