Update on Grand Canyon Salads

I'm still on vacation and have been having fun experimenting with  my Grand Canyon salads.  I've been varying the layers.  I think I like the broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage on the bottom so they can marinate in the vinegar.  I've been varying the veggies, sometimes using  asparagus and bok choy, but usually my mainstay is those four I mentioned.    Then pour a Tbsp of vinegar on top of that, then add the beans, lettuce, spinach, maybe arugula, some cilantro is good.  Another Tbs of vinegar.  Then mushrooms, seed mixture.  Then fruit on top.   And sometimes beans on top.  I like to eat the fruit last so then I have to dig around to the bottom to get the veggies.  If I had a plate, I should just turn the salad upside down on the plate and it would be sorted how I want for eating.

I've been getting to Whole Foods every other day to stock up, so my produce has been outstanding.  Today's salads were sooo good.  They had strawberries, blueberries and banana for fruit.  How yummy.  Tomorrow's has apple and orange.  That's how I'm varying it usually because I like to eat the berries within a day of buying them.  I didn't buy enough food yesterday so I'm going to bed a little hungry tonight, especially after biking a lot today.  I wish I had a bag of carrots to munch on.  I'll hit a Whole Foods tomorrow and will buy lots of carrots and sugar snap peas, my favorite treats.  Oh, I found this great and cheap vinegar at Whole Foods:  Napa Valley naturals black cherry balsamic vinegar.  It was only $3.99.  It's great!

okay, time for bed.