We are Food Artists

I heard this concept today from a nutritarian.  She said our palette is all the wonderful produce and we make great creations from this.  I love this idea.  People often say they would be deprived eating this way as there is so much we don't get to eat.  True but most people eat pretty much the same thing:  meat, dairy, fat, oil, white flour, and lots of sugar and salt and pepper.   Especially the salt and sugar deadens your taste buds.  Have you noticed lots of "foodies" like really hot and spicy food?  That's because they need the stimulation.  Once you regain your sensitivity after giving up salt and sugar, you taste the sweetness in spinach and broccoli stems and cooked cauliflower, and the different flavors of lettuce.  It's pretty amazing.  And we work with nature's raw ingredients to produce our art, not processed food.  It's a great place to be.

I heard a nice quote today:  "There are many things you can't do in life for reasons beyond your control; so get busy doing the things you CAN do."  Applying that to eating, yes, there are many foods we can't eat, especially in modern American society.  So get busy preparing the delicious healthy food that awaits you!