Day 20!

Hi everyone, it's Sept. 20 which means day 20 of the 6-week challenge!  I'm on vacation and have very little time to post.  I'm still eating my salads as posted a few days ago.  Only the last two days I've been using cherry tomatoes, jicama, and fresh figs as my "fruit" on the salad.  Oh man it's good.   I stop at a Whole Foods every night and get excellent fresh produce.  I'm in California so most of the produce is fresh and local.   I'm getting great fresh baby carrots, along with everything else.   Tonight I thought I got some blackberries but they never showed up in my bag or receipt, so somewhere they got lost.  bummer.  Well, tomorrow I can get some.  Okay, I have to go and prepare tomorrow's food and then get to bed!  We're visiting Yosemite this week and didn't get a place in the park so we have long drives every day.  Not very good for the environment...

How are you doing?   Tomorrow is the half-way point!    That's plenty of time to get back on track if you struggled, or to keep the momentum going if you are doing well.  If you are doing well and can keep this up for an entire 6 weeks you can really learn to change your habits and preferences this way.

Have a great day today and tomorrow!