Day 29

Today I got to squeeze in one last, and of course fantastic, mountain bike ride before leaving Moab.  That made us late getting to our destination, so after preparing tomorrow's meals and showering, I'm ready for bed.  We stopped at a Whole Foods in Denver.  wow, I do love my fresh produce.  It's expensive, but it sure is good. I got enough for the next two days which will get us home.  I also got some sugar snap peas and carrots that I ate tonight--I updated yesterday's post with the new numbers.  Here's tomorrow's meals:

I guess I didn't feel like oatmeal.  It's all salads again.  Starting from the bottom:  romaine lettuce, cabbage, balsamic vinegar, broccoli, jicama, red kidney beans, banana, figs, strawberries, nuts and seeds.  and a pound of carrots divided between the three meals.

Total calories 1472, protein 58 g (12%), fat 21 g (12%), carbs 288 g (75%), fiber 98 g.