Day 7 of the 6-week challenge

One week down!   Here's what I ate today

Brekky: a bowl of frozen fruit while making a bunch of smoothies for housemate:  banana, blueberries, mangos.  and a ripe peach.  and some sugar snap peas and carrots.  and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  and some tastes of smoothies.

Lunch:   oriental yam and salad (cabbage, salad greens, spinach, cucumber, yellow bell pepper, apple, seed mixture).  I actually didn't have time for lunch, ate the yam right before a meeting and the salad had to wait until about 4:30 pm.

Snack:  I was surprised to see fruit at a presentation where we usually just have cookies and cake.  I didn't even consider if I was hungry and just had some but in fact I kinda was since I hadn't eaten my salad yet, so that was fine.    Then I had my salad after the presentation

Dinner:  greens and beans, and salad, some carrots and sugar snap peas.

total calories 1463, protein 47.5 g (10%), fat 16.5 g (10%), carbs 311 g (80%), fiber 68 g.

The last few days had some emotional turmoil and some situations where in the past I might have strayed off plan or overeaten but the 6 week challenge has me happily focussed on reaching my goals.  My desire for that is higher than any triggering desire to stray.  Let's hope it stays that way.  One day at a time!